Our Business Interests

Business Interests


Indo Scan has wide business interests across industries. Here is a summarized list of the business interests of Indo Scan. For detailed information, please do write to us at vijay.sharma@indoscan.no


  • SkandinaviskMat: IndoScan's partner SkandinaviskMat is an upswing of “Kraemer Maritime AS”, catering a range of high qulaity food and food supplements of European Origin.


  • NextFuel AB: IndoScan's partner NextFuel a pioneer in providing The Clean Successor to Fossil Fuels - Cheaper than Oil, CO2 Negative Energy and Massively Scalable


  • UV Technology Limited: IndoScan's partner UV Technology Limited is the UK's leading provider of UV-C disinfection solutions. Specialising in all aspects of UV-C disinfection, we can provide a complete package of solutions to businesses, large and small.


  • Syenergy Environics Global Pte. Ltd.: IndoScan's partner Syenergy Environics Global is in the business of creating healthy spaces for people by nullifying the negative impact of geopathic and man-made radiations, under the brand name “Envirochip”.


  • Seabased AB : Indo Scan has an exclusive representation for the state of Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in the country of India for installations, also possibilities for fund raising, technology tie-up, joint venture for the Seabased's Wave Power Technology which utilizes the water motion in waves to directly drive the Wave Enery Converter (WEC). 


  • Alice Group AS : : Indo Scan has representation for “India” and “Balkan” for the technology tie-up, joint venture for setting up manufacturing utility for providing premium quality “Algae” to high value applications.


  • Nordic Blue Crude: Indo Scan has an exclusive representation for Norway, China & Middle East for the fund raising, technology tie-up and  joint venture possibilities.


  • S. I. Textiles (1979) Limited : Indo Scan has very old business relation with S. I. Textiles for meeting all the demands for customised garments in different varieties for any volumes, with strictly supervised quality controls to match all the specification at macro level, thereby ensuring international standard garments with Just in Time (JIT) deliveries


  • Financial Management Services: Indo Scan Limited is active in inducting Seed Capital, Equity and Debt for Large Size Projects.


  • Medium Size Real Estate Projects: Indo Scan is involved in buying and selling of commercial and residential lands, land regularization, licensing, developing building structures from concept to commissioning, selling of readymade house and housing project accessories.


  • Commodity Trading: Through our vast network worldwide, we arrange buyers (preferably from European Origin) and suppliers (worldwide) to find a common ground so that they can work with each other matching their time-cost and quality considerations.


  • Wholesale and Retail of Leather Garments and Accessories in Norway through our established brand “skinnmesteren” (www.skinnmesteren.no).


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Indo Scan seeks to explore business opportunities in different parts of the world. It synergises its global outlook with experience and expertise available at various local levels. Combining it with its experience in international trade and business, it strives to deliver in order to maximize value for all stakeholders. Read More


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